Born in Hadley, MA – March 13, 1820

Served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives – 1855, 1870, 1883-84

Served in the Massachusetts State Senate – 1865-66

Elected Farm Superintendent and Instructor of Agriculture – 1866 (note Levi Stockbridge was the first employee and first instructor of Mass Aggie/UMass Amherst)

Addressed the first class of MAC on October 2, 1867

Became full time instructor upon the hiring of a new Farm Superintendent – 1869

Elected Full Professor of Agriculture – 1872

Served as acting-President during leave of President Clark – May 2, 1876

Elected President of the Massachusetts Agricultural College – April 1880

Resigned as President- March 18, 1882

Died in Amherst, MA – May 2, 1904


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